Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pie in the Sky [4/5]

Pie in the Sky

With evening plans to meet up with some friends in Madison, the hubby and I decided to stop in at Pie in the Sky for dinner. The dinner crowd was hopping and we were told to expect a 20 minute wait. Happily for us another couple had decided not to stick around so we were seated almost immediately.

Our table was located in a secondary back room near the bar which, almost inexplicably, was quieter than the main eating area. The walls were adorned with murals, posters, and over by our table, dart boards.

The menu was expansive, including boats (hot sandwiches), cold sandwiches, salads, pasta, smoothies, shakes, calzones, wraps and, oh yea, pizza. Veggie options were clearly marked and a gluten free crust was available (though only for the small size and with a $2.50 upcharge). I was impressed with the variety of sauce options (sweet bbq marmalade, honey jalapeno, whiskey habanero...) but a little boggled by the shop's namesake, a 112 oz, 12 topping pizza.

We kept things simple and ordered a large Alfredo pizza, keeping the mushroom's quarantined to just one half. The menu warns to allow a 20 minute bake time so we sipped our drinks and chatted while we waited. Topped with multiple flat screens and light from behind, the bar was a shrine to LEDs and our attention often wandered that direction.

Our pizza came up more quickly than expected and we happily dug in. We had selected the signature crust, a thicker hand tossed crust. It was a medium thickness, bready, with just a hint of chewiness. It paired well with the fresh, thick, sweet cream sauce. The thinly sliced chicken was tender and moist, but the baby spinach mostly added color as the flavor was lost under the cream and cheese. The hubby found the mushrooms to be pretty standard. There was a subtle seasoning to the edge of the crust which was a bonus for this crust lover.

We were pleased with the quieter than expected dining and the relative speed of cooking. At ~$22-$24 for a large, the pizza is pricey but you are getting fresh ingredients and some innovative pairings. We enjoyed our meal but given that homemade pizza is a staple in our kitchen, we are unlikely to be regulars.

Total for the meal: $30.46 (Includes one large Alfredo pizza and two soft drinks)

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  1. Always looking for something new to try so this will be on my list of places to try. Thanks

  2. I'd like to note that when we ate here awhile back the waitress gave our two boys (1+ and 3+ yrs old) some pizza dough to play with! It greatly helped with the family dynamic and made it more enjoyable. It was a younger lady/girl and she was real good with the kids. Made all the difference while waiting for the pizza!


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