Monday, April 23, 2012

Cozy Bean Cafe [4/5]

Cozy Bean Cafe Edit

The hubby and I stopped into the Cozy Bean Cafe expecting a coffee shop with chocolates and perhaps a few pastries. What we found was a full cafe, offering sandwiches, salads, soup, and smoothies in addition to the coffee and chocolates.

Given the expansive menu, we decided to turn our expected afternoon snack into a late lunch. We both selected the 1/2 sandwich with soup or salad. I opted for the pesto turkey panini with cranberry spinach salad while the hubby went for the fajita panini and the chicken and wild rice soup. We also added a sugar cookie to split and a couple of drinks.

After placing our order at the counter, we seated ourselves at a table. The walls were covered with art sponsored by HAL and available for purchase. Our food came up quickly, in small spurts.

My salad, shown above, was a few handfuls of baby spinach sprinkled with walnuts and dried cranberries. It was tasty but seemed rather uninspired. The dressing however was a tangy raspberry vinaigrette and the flavors melded well.

Cozy Bean Cafe Edit

The hubby's soup was thick with a strong chicken flavor. Small bits of rice and veggies were visible and he was quite happy with his choice.

The half paninis were generously sized and served hot from the press.

Cozy Bean Cafe Edit

My pesto turkey panini consisted of ciabatta filled with turkey lunch meat, pesto, sliced mozzarella, tomato, and a tiny bit of romaine lettuce. The ciabatta lent a bit of a crunch but the sandwich overall was wonderfully soft. The cheese was thick enough to lend texture and a gentle flavor, but the primary flavor was that of the full bodied pesto. The lettuce was lost and the sandwich got a bit salty as I continued to eat, but overall it was well balanced.

Cozy Bean Cafe Edit

The hubby enjoyed his sandwich, saying that it was good and not too spicy.

Cozy Bean Cafe Edit

The sugar cookie, which was more than large enough to share, was soft and chewy in the center with a bit of crunch at the edges. It handily passes the hubby's "snap test", being crunchy enough to snap in two and soft enough to make a perfectly straight line. The cookie tasted strongly of vanilla with a bit of a dusty/crumbliness on the outside surface. It would be a perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee.

With a wide variety of options, the Cozy Bean Cafe is a great spot for lunch or an afternoon treat. The prices are reasonable, that giant sugar cookie came in at just $1. Drink options include smoothies, teas, soft drinks, and coffee, ensuring that there is something for everything. The small chocolate gallery just to the left of the cafe not only provides a small something sweet but also offers gift baskets.

Total for the meal: $19.01 (Includes two 1/2 sandwich and soup/salad meals, two soft drinks, and one cookie)

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  1. thanks for the heads up! I didn't know it was even there :)

  2. Foodscapes--I think they opened just recently. They are a lovely little shop, I hope they stick around for a good long time. : )

  3. My wife and I ate there and even though the food was adequate and tasty, service was less than acceptable! To our dismay my husband's lunch, half of a sandwich had to be microwaved before serving, lack of attention in the kitchen and server really put a damper on our lunch expereience.

  4. My wife and read your review and decided to try during lunch. We arrived and ordered however one of our meals took a very long time to arrive, upon asking about the meal it was communicated that there was a delay. I was sitting within eyeshot of the kitchen and noted that the meal was sitting there and cold, so the server popped it into the microwave. This was upsetting as I don't like my food "heated" up when it should have been served immediately upon being plated. I was very upset that the meat on the sandwich tasted heated. Not a place we will re-visit.


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